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Chapter 13: No Good Deed

Warning:  This chapter contains nudity and strong language.  You have been warned! 

Morrigan woke up and noticed Lasandro had already gotten up.  He was no doubt painting again, she knew it because he was painting a lot lately.  She knew he was desperate to find his mother's killer and with that desperation came little rest for him and for her as well.
She thought over the events at Katya's.  Why had she acted so foolish?  Their was something bothering her that she couldn't quite figure out.  It was an overwhelming feeling of loss. It was if she had lost someone that she loved dearly, but the person she loved and longed for in this world was Lasandro, and he was right there with her.  She quickly rose to go find him...

As Morrigan entered the art room she noticed that Lasandro wasn't there.  Her eyes traveled to the masterpiece he had been working on which was covered with a delicate, blue cloth.

She approached the painting to remove the cloth.  Surely he wouldn't mind if she took a peek.  Just as she reached for the cloth she felt Lasandro come up behind her.
"Hey, no peeking!"  He teased her and tickled her sides as she simultaneously jumped in surprise.
"I... I wasn't..  Okay I was."  She was caught in the act and there was no use in trying to play it off.
"Well, you don't have to peek because it done.. but since you want to see it so bad, I was thinking...."
"Thinking what?" Morrigan inquired.
"Well, what do I get if I show you.." He threw her a toothy mischievous grin.
Morrigan raised her fist at Lasandro, "The question is what do you get if you don't show me."
Lasandro threw his hands up in the air. "Okay, okay.  Don't want a repeat of last night.  I know how diesel you get when your mad."  He knew he was pushing her buttons but he couldn't help himself.  He stopped his shenanigans long enough to approach the work of art and gently pull the cloth from it.

"Well, what do you think?"  He continued before she spoke. "I painted her exactly as she looked the day that..."  His voice trailed off.
"It's, It's beautiful." She replied in a hush tone.
"She was beautiful."  Lasandro spoke as his voice cracked with emotion.
They studied the painting silently for a few moments longer.

Morrigan could feel his cool breath as he brushed his lips across the back of her neck and he spoke in his best uppity voice. "I say we have something special for breakfast.  Hmm, how about delicately sautéed plasma fruit with a side of vintage 1922 boxed plasma juice."
"Mmm," Morrigan played along. "Sounds lovely but please do pour my plasma juice into a glass for I shunt be needing that dreadful box."
They both giggled at their silliness.
"As you wish my Queen."  He bowed out of the room and slapped her on the ass in the process.  She ignored his fratboy antics and continued to study the painting.

It was something about her..something very familiar but Morrigan could not put her finger on it.  She knew without a doubt that she had met this woman before but where?  Morrigan was brought back to earth as she heard "Breakfast is served madame" coming from the kitchen.  She left the room still feeling on edge and wondering why she felt that way.

 TwinBrook Past

"Marcus, this is absurd.  Haven't you had enough of this already?  I don't want any part of it!"
"You, my dear, will not question me as to what I want to do!  You know as well as I do, I get what I want."  Marcus eyed Morrigan with an all too familiar look in his eyes.
"Come on sister dear.  Let's make this a family affair!"  Pony stated with excitement in her eyes.
"Marcus, you know we need to keep a low profile.  The vampire community is starting to talk."
"Let them talk."  Marcus turned to get an eye full of his soon to be prize, then he turned back to Morrigan.

 "I implore you Marcus.  Stop this.  We can find someone else."
"We are vampires Morrigan!  This is what vampires do!  We are at the top of the food chain!  Why is it always whining with you?  Can't you just enjoy the power we hold over these puny excuses for living creatures?"
"No!  I won't allow you to...."
"Allow me?!"  Marcus spat enraged as he slapped Morrigan across the face.  "You don't' allow anything.  Remember you are mine!  Don't you forget that!  And don't' even think about leaving because as your maker I command you to come with me!"

Maria sat on the cold hardwood floor with tears in her eyes.  He had lost his temper again and had hit her.  She thought to herself silently.  "Why do I take this abuse.  Oh, how I love him but this is not something I want my Vinny to be around.  Sure he was his father but is that enough?"  
Maria had grown up without a father and that was not something she wanted for her son.  If only he could change.... She thought to herself as she heard a shuffling noise beside her.
"Vinny?"  She looked up to see if he had awaken.

"Oh, my God!"  She yelled in horror as she saw two very strange creatures floating around her.
"Hmm, not quite, but close."  Marcus quipped as he flashed his fangs at her.
"What..what do you want?  Do you want the stereos.  You can have them, just please leave me alone."  The terror in her voice aroused Marcus.  He backed her up hard against the wall.

"Please", she begged.  "Don't hurt me!"
Marcus could see the fear in her eyes.  He knew he probably should have glamoured her but no, this was much more exciting.
"There is only one thing I want, my sweet, and I will have it."
"Anything, please just don't hurt me." Maria took great care not to mention Vinny in the other room.  As long as the group didn't know he was there, then he would be safe she'd hoped.
"I have had my eye on you for quite some time.  You, my sweet, are exquisite."  Marcus cocked his head back and with a crushing force he lunged forward and chomped down on her neck.

Maria could barely let out a scream as Marcus began to drain her.  Vigorously sucking on her neck, he reveled in how sweet and delicious she tasted.  She tasted exactly how he'd imagined.  He thought what a shame it was that there was only one of her.
Pony waited anxiously behind her maker.  Smelling the sweet scent of Maria's blood, she begged Marcus to let her have a taste.

In a blood lust rage, Marcus threw her body to the floor and it landed with a loud thump.  She had gone unconscious.  Pity, Marcus thought.  He loved his meal awake and terrified.
"Drink my princess."  Marcus instructed Pony and she willingly obliged.
The two drank vigorously, draining just about every ounce from her limp body.
"The boy.  Pony stated.  "I want him."
"As you wish." Marcus waved her towards the bedroom door where Vinny was sleeping.

Pony raced towards the door only to be met by Morrigan with her leg extended resting on the kitchen counter.
"The boys off limits."  Morrigan warned as Pony flashed her fangs.
"Move it sister!" Pony ordered Morrigan.  She knew if the mother tasted that good, then the boy would taste ten times that much.
"If you so much as touch that boy Pony, I will rip your throat out!  You might be faster, but I am much stronger!"

Pony stomped her feet in protest. " Daddy, sisters not being fair!  Tell her to let me in!"
Marcus looked up briefly from his meal.  His eyes were blood red and his words were slurred.  He was drunk, drunk off of blood.  "Always with the sibling rivalry.  Morrigan, let your sister have what she wants."
Morrigan ignored Marcus and again warned Pony.
"Once again.  You touch him.  You die.  It's that simple."
With that Pony turned back to the woman to get another fix.  She'd hoped Marcus didn't completely drain her before she could get more.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door followed by a man's voice.
"Maria?  Maria open up!'
The crew looked towards the door, staying completely quiet as to not let him know anyone was there. Some how Maria regained consciousness and belted out a blood curdling scream for help.
"Maria!!"  The man on the other side of the door yelled.
"Silly woman!"  Marcus spat at Maria as he effortlessly snapped her neck.
The man screamed for Maria tirelessly as he began to break the glass in the window.

"Lets kill him!"  Pony spat with her eyes wide with excitement.
"No! It's too risky now.  We must take leave!" Marcus ordered.
With that the trio escaped through the opposite door that Morrigan was guarding just as the man successfully climbed through the window.

"Maria!  No, please God No!  Maria stay with me please!"  Vincent pleaded but it was too late.  Maria was gone.
A few seconds later Vincent heard his son come out of his room.  "Mommy?"

The trio ran for what seemed like a lifetime until they felt they were finally in the clear.

"What the fuck Marcus!"  Morrigan yelled when they reached safety.
"Hahahaha!"  Pony laughed hysterically.  I wanna do that again!"
"Oh, come now sweetheart.  You have to admit it was a little fun.  Almost like old times.." Marcus flashed a evil smirk at Morrigan.

Before Marcus could finish his sentence Morrigan threw a hard right to his chest.  She knew it wouldn't do him much damage but that wasn't the point.  She had to let him know once and for all how she despised his actions and that he did not own her!
Marcus quickly blocked her attempt and in a split second she felt as if her hair was being ripped straight from her scalp.

Pony had grabbed her hair all the while yelling for her not to touch "Daddy" again.  
"Awww!"  Morrigan screamed.  She couldn't believe what had just happened.  She knew her and Pony had their differences but never before had Pony laid a hand on her.  She knew better, or so she thought.  "I'm sick of you being such a annoying whining bitch all the time!" Pony yelled as she tried to dismember Morrigan's head from her body.
Morrigan quickly regained her footing and in an instant she gripped Pony's neck in her right hand.  Her eyes were full of rage as she squeezed tightly.

"How dare you!  Everything I've done for you.  All the fucking cleaning up I did for you!  You dare to attack me!"
Pony gasped for air as she desperately clawed at Morrigans hand.  The clawing only made Morrigan angrier and she was on the verge of showing Pony just how angry she could get.
"As your maker I command you to put her down!"  Marcus ordered her as he watched with disbelief. Morrigan looked back at Marcus and for the first time ever, she saw worry in his expression. 
"As you wish, master." she spat as she threw Pony ten yards into a tree.

Feeling satisfied that she had got her point across, she turned to Marcus.  "I'm tired of you putting us in danger because of your sick obsessions!  We can't keep doing this!  Sooner or later we are going to get caught!"
"Caught by whom, hmmm?  The humans?  What a joke! We are the dominant species.  They are here purely as food and pleasure, nothing more.  Until you come to terms with that notion my dear, I'm afraid you'll just have to deal with it! Now stop your sniveling and let's go!"  Marcus motioned to Pony. "Come now Princess, we must take our leave.  Daytime will be upon us soon." 
"I'm not going anywhere with you!"  Morrigan spat.
"As your maker I command you to....."
"Fuck off!"  Morrigan spat as she turned to Pony who had made her way back to the two.  She could tell that Pony was still disoriented from her little "fall".

"Good luck kid.  Your going to need it with him!"  Those were the last words she spoke as she made her escape.  She could hear Marcus calling out to her, commanding her to return to him but for the first time ever, she ignored him.  That night had been the last straw and she vowed never to be part of something like that ever again.

As she ran she had a heavy heart.  She thought back to what she could have done, what she should have done.  At least I saved the boy.  Morrigan thought to herself as she ventured into the unknown, alone.

Starlight Shores- Present Day

Morrigan woke up in a start.  She struggled to catch her breath as Lasandro jerked up with her.  
"Wha, what is it?!'  He asked in a hoarse sleepy yet anxious tone.
"Umm, nothing.  I..I just..I'm fine.  Sorry."
"You sure you okay cuz you really just freaked my shit out there.  Must of been one hell of a nightmare."
Morrigan cleared her throat. "Yeah, a nightmare."  She rose from the bed.  "I need some air."
She quickly exited the room all the while Lasandro stared at her with a confused expression.

Omg, this isn't' happening.  It couldn't be  It just couldn't be.  Morrigan was horrified at her realization.  She knew that woman looked familiar and now she knew why.  It was Marcus and Pony who killed her and she was no better because she was there and she did nothing to stop it.  How was she going to tell this to Lasandro?  He'll leave me.  He'll never want to see me again.  She thought to herself as she heard the crashing of waves chime through her head.  
Her thoughts were interrupted by Lasandro who was walking out to join her.  Oh God. What am I going to do?  She thought to herself.

"Mmmm," he moaned as he took in her scent and put his arms around her waist.  "What is it baby?"
"I just couldn't sleep, that's all."  Morrigan took great lengths to block her mind as much as she could.  The last thing she wanted was for him to feel her angst.  He would know something was really wrong.
"I know what'll cheer you up."  He stood in front of her with his arms extended as he began to levitate.  "Come on,"  He beckoned her.  "I've been practicing ya know."

Morrigan floated up with him.  He always knew how to put a smile on her face.
"You see.  Not bad for a noob, huh?"  He laughed as he did a couple flips.
Morrigan smiled as she watched him. "What is noob? What is this word?" She asked.
"Aha.  A noob is someone that's new to something.  Like me being a new vampire.  However I must say that although I'm new, I'm probably the sexiest vampire alive."  He winked as he grabbed her hand and pulled her to his chest.

Morrigan rolled her eyes at that last comment.  He was so full of himself sometimes. She laid her head on his marble chest as he gently held her and caressed her hair.  Their relationship had really come a long way and she loved how tender he could be.  Damn he could be so romantic sometimes, and yes, she thought he was the sexiest vampire alive but she wasn't about to tell him that.  She could feel his love for her.  She'd never felt that from anyone before.  But would he love her if he knew the truth?  

He gently lowered her to the ground and stared into her eyes and she stared back at him.  She swore she could see his pupils dance as he eyed her lips.  "I love you." he whispered as he went in for a soft, tender kiss.  The kiss was so sensual and full of passion.  There was no holding back, no pretense.  It was just them again, in their own little bubble.  The rest of the world did not exist at that moment.
Her lips parted for his tongue as it entered her mouth.  She reciprocated and their tongues hungrily met in a sweet slow dance with one another.  
Morrigan's arousal grew, as did his.  She could feel it.  She could also feel something else.  She felt sorrow.  She felt sorrow because she did not want what she had with this man to end but she had to tell him the truth.  She just had to.  She tore her lips from his and stood up and stared down at him with tears streaming down her face.

Puzzled, he stood up as well. "Morrigan?  What's bothering you.  You can tell me baby.  Remember our promise.  I will always be honest with you and you will always be honest with me.  I can feel something's really wrong.  Get it off your chest and let me take the pain away from you."
Damn him!  Damn him for being so understanding.  He won't be for long, not if I tell him.
Morrigan contemplated every angle.  Should she tell him or should she not?  She had to tell him. There was no way around it.  He could feel her agony.  They were just too close now.
She finally decided to tell him and deal with whatever consequence awaited her.  Good or bad.  He had to know the truth.
"Promise me you won't hate me."  She asked with a shaky voice.
Lasandro was very confused.  Why would he hate her?  "Baby, I love you.  You can tell me anything."
"I..I was there."
"You were where?" He asked.
"Your mother, when she died.  I was there but I didn't hurt her, Marcus and Pony, they...."
Lasandro quickly cut her off.
"Morrigna, what are talking about?"
"The...the vampires that killed your mother.  I was there Lasandro."

"Morrigan, please, please don't tell me that."  He shook his head in disbelief. "No, Morrigan.  No don't tell me that!"  His voice began to crack.
She could see the hurt in his eyes.  Hurt mixed with disbelief, mixed with rage.  He was in turmoil and it was all because of her.
"All this time Morrigan.  I've been looking for my mother's killers and you knew!  You knew this whole time!"
"No, not until earlier today.  The painting..it...she was so familiar.  I just didn't know why.  I know now, and I"m so, so sorry."  Lasandro I swear I didn't know.  I tried to stop them but they wouldn't listen. I tried to......"

"Are you kidding me Morrigan!  Are you fucking kidding me!"
"Lasandro please!"  Morrigan pleaded.
"That fucking piece of shit blood sucking mother fucker is DEAD!  He's dead!" 
"Lasandro, you can't..."
"I can't what!  Don't' try to fucking stop me either.  I don't care that he's your maker, that son of a bitch will be a bag of fucking plasma when I'm done with him!"
"Lasandro!"  She cried out.
With that Lasandro took off, naked and all.  

Morrigan's knees quickly gave out as she uncontrollably knelt to the ground.  She had lost him.  What she feared would happen, happened.  He was going to go kill Marcus.  Marcus had centuries on him, there was no way he could take him down.  At least not by himself.  Morrigan loved Lasandro like no other and she knew what she had to do.  He was right.  Marcus had to die and she was going to help Lasandro do it with or without his approval.  She quickly ran into the house to get dressed.

 Morrigan knew Lasandro even before he knew her.  She wondered why she had been so drawn to him and now she knew why.  Their dynamic dated back to over twenty years ago when she unknowingly saved his life.  Morrigan hurriedly dressed herself and got ready for the task ahead.  She wiped the tears from her eyes.  There was no time for remorse, she had a vampire to kill.

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Chapter 12: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

WARNING:  This chapter and the next has nudity and STRONG sexual content.  If this bothers you then don't read on!  If not, then happy reading.  Thanks!  :)  

"We just go in, ask a few questions and get out.  Okay?" Morrigan warned Lasandro as they approached the door of their destination.  "I've known Katya for a long time.  She can only be taken in small doses."
Lasandro impatiently heeded Morrigans warning as he applied pressure to the old school door knocker.  "Don't worry, I got this."

Within seconds the door swung open.  The voluptuous vamp standing before them looked both surprised and annoyed by their arrival.  Without introductions, the vamp let the two in and pointed to the back of the residence.  "In there." she ordered before she returned to whatever activity they had rudely interrupted.

Morrigan and Lasandro entered the office and Morrigan was not surprised at what she saw.  Katya swung any way, and female was the flavor of the century.  " Ahemm".  Lasandro cleared his throat to gain the attention of the preoccupied vamp.
Katya eyed the pair and gave Morrigan a toothy grin, fangs and all.  It had been a long time since their last meeting.

"Leave us" Katya ordered to the human bombshell and no doubt Katya's snack for the evening.  The blond looked more than a little perturbed, she was down right pissed!  "Come find me when your ready to fuck" she said in her most sultry voice.  Lasandro watched her as she passed by.  She gave him a quick "You too" glance as she exited the room.  Lasandro felt Morrigans insides heat up.  Was she jealous?

"So what can I do for you Morrigan? By the way I must say you look devine tonight."
Morrigan rolled her eyes at Katya.  Always up to the same tricks, she thought to herself. "I have a bit of a dilemma.  Me and my companion are in need of some information about a murder that happened about 20 years ago here in TwinBrook."
"Well, that's what the police are for hon."
"Cut the shit Katya.  You know what I'm talking about!"

Lasandro eyed Morrigan quizically.  What was her problem tonight?  She was going to ruin everything and piss this lady off before she gave them any kind of information.  He looked at Katya and spoke with a sincere voice.  "Katya, I'm sorry but we would never have bothered you about this if it wasn't extremely important.  It was about 20 years ago on Constantaple lane.  The woman was in her twenties at the time.   Her name was Maria Lasandro."

Katya looked as if she were deciphering a code.  "Lasandro, hmmm."  She said as she tapped her bottom lip.  "Well if anyone knows of many humans in this part, it would be Ree.  She's in the other room."
Katya led the pair out to the living room.

"Ree!"  Katya called as they entered the living room.  Things had really "changed" since they first arrived.  It looked like everyone was drunk.  The vamps were having their way with humans, who didn't seem to mind much.
As Ree approached she gave the pair that same annoyed look that she had at the door.  Katya filled her in on the reason for Morrigan and Lasandro's visit.  Then she asked her what she knew about the murder, if anything.

"I remember that,"  she began.  "The vampire community were up in arms because of the gruesomeness of it all.  At the time, we were supposed to keep low key, and that murder was not low key, at least not to the vamp community.  I heard the ladies husband got sent up the river for it.  Lucky for whoever did it"

"So you don't have any clue who might have done it?"  Lasandro asked quizzically.  Mentally he was trying to read her mind to find out if she was lying or not.  
"I might know a little."  Ree began, "but if you keep trying to get in my head then I'm not gonna tell you a damn thing."
Morrigan looked at Lasandro and squeezed his arm.  "My bad."  Lasandro muttered.
"I heard it was a group from out of town.  Roamer vamps.  You know vamps that don't really stay in one place for too long without moving on.  Well there were three of them.  A acquaintance of mine said one of them came to him bragging about it.  How he stalked some woman and drained her dry.  The guys sick."
"What's this fuckers name!"  Lasandro damn near insisted on the information.

"Look, I don't know his name, all I know is....."Ree stopped talking as a very scantily clad human approached Lasandro.  She was mesmerized by him so much to the point that she damn near threw herself at him.
"Your so beautiful." She admonished as she ignored Morrigan's arm hooked in his.
Lasandro looked at the girl, she looked like she was in la la land.
"Uh, hey."  Lasandro replied.  He was flattered but he was going to respectfully tell the woman to keep it moving.  He wasn't' trying to be banished to the couch.

"Back up bitch!"  Morrigan socked the girl in the chest so hard, it made the girl fly at least 4 feet in the air until she landed against a sitting chair.  Lasandro was astounded at what he saw.  It all happened in a matter of seconds.  Lasandro could hear Ree laughing hysterically after it happened.  He gave Morrigan a dirty look.  She was gonna fuck things up for him!  He felt he had to get whatever information these vamps had and go quickly, before Morrigan killed somebody.

"Anything else you can tell me, any thing at all?"  Lasandro hurriedly asked.  
"If the guy is a roamer vamp, it will be almost impossible to find him and his crew, unless of course they stopped roaming.  But that's not likely.  I got a friend that may know the guys name.  Where are you guys staying?"  Katya asked casually.
"We're at..."
"We'll contact you."  Morrigan interrupted Lasandro.  "Let's go."
With that the pair headed back home.

When Morrigan and Lasandro left, Katya wasted no time in picking up her phone.  
"She was here.  Morrigan Hemlock, right?"
"Was the newborn with her?"  The voice on the other end of the phone asked.
"Yeah, cute little thing too.  To bad I'm not swinging that way at the moment."
"Did you tell them anything?"
"No,  I didn't.  As you insisted of course."
"Where are they staying?"
"I'm not sure.  They stopped just short of telling me.  I think Morrigan is suspicious of me.  I didn't want to push it any further."

"Very good then." The voice on the other end of the phone uttered.
"So does this mean you will push it through for me?"
"My dear, you haven't given me much to go on."
"Wait just a fucking minute.  I kept my end of the deal, now you need to keep yours!  There isn't much time for my Nora!"
"Fuck!"  Katya spat as she threw her cellphone across the room.  That fucker!  Nora was the love of her life and dear friend.  She had been in a terrible car accident and had been in a coma going on 11 months now.  Her family was going to pull the plug on the 1 year mark and Marcus had promised to convince the AVC to grant her permission to turn Nora.  
Katya was livid as she cursed Marcus.  I don't need your fucking help Marcus!  I will just turn her anyway without permission.  Why not?  Morrigan did it.  
Katya marched back in her office and slammed and locked the door.  She was in no mood for partying.

Morrigan opened the fridge to get a plasma juice when she felt Lasandro approach.  His eyes were searing a hole through her skull and she knew why.  She had acted like a fool over at Katya's.
"Well?"  Lasandro began.
"Well, what?"Morrigan retorted.
"What the fuck was that?"
"I don't want to talk about it."  Morrigan grabbed her plasma juice and walked to the table all the while avoiding eye contact with Lasandro.

"Back to this shit again?  Whatever happened to us not keeping our feeling to ourselves."
Morrigan sat the plasma juice on the kitchen table, pulled out a chair and stopped.
"Look, I just don't trust her.  Drop it."
"Well you were the one who wanted to go over there.  I think she gave me some good leads to go on, now all I have to do is find out the bastards name....."
"Then what?"  Morrigan interrupted.  "What happens after that?  Do you kill the guy?  What are you going to do?"

Lasandro gave Morrigan a confused look.  "Where is all this coming from?  Of course I kill the guy!  What did you think I was going to do, invite him for dinner? Buy him drinks?  Try to understand why he killed my mother?! Really Morrigan?"  

Lasandro continued on his rant.."Is this really what's on your mind or is it that your jealous?  I felt how angry you got when those two woman came on to me."
"Okay Lasandro." Morrigan replied as she rolled her eyes.
Lasandro knew his last words bothered her so he continued on, knowing full well he was going to anger her more.  "Look you have to get used to this kind of thing.  I mean, look at me.  Who wouldn't want me."  Lasandro threw a toothy grin at Morrigan expecting a reaction out of her and reaction he got.  He knew she was fuming and he also knew his fucking with her angered her more.

Lasandro blocked a swift right jab as he began to laugh hysterically.  It amused him so much to ruffle her feathers.  "Hey watch it now, I'm not wearing my topless corset."

Lasandro quickly grabbed Morrigan and pinned her up against the kitchen wall. His hands were in a frenzy all over her body and rested on her sweet spot.  He could feel the heat coming from her as he began to hungrily rub her into submission.

Within seconds they shed their clothes off and Lasandro picked up Morrigan and gently placed her on the kitchen counter.  Morrigan moaned in pleasure as he hungrily took her in his mouth.  Tasting that familiar exquisite flavor he longed for all day.  All her inhibitions had fallen again.  They always did with him. Lasandro worked his tongue deeper as he held her legs, feeling the goosebumps form as her arousal grew.

Keeping her legs parted, he slowly pulled up while trailing sweet kisses across her body.  He looked into her eyes and greedily took her lips into his.  Their tongues darted back and forth mimicking swordplay as he entered her with one swift thrust.  Morrigan lifted her hips taking in every inch as their bodies rocked in unison.  

Lasandro's blood began to boil as his arousal grew to and he roughly flipped her over and onto her feet and pulled her arm behind her.   He slowly worked his cock around her asshole a few times then he entered her with one quick thrust.  His cock throbbed as he heard a whimper fall from her lips. He wanted her, all of her and this was unclaimed territory he had to take.  He had to have her.  His thrusts became more rapid and harder as she now screamed out in both pain and ecstasy.

He grabbed her hips and rapidly pounded her ass into submission as he quickly reached his climax.  They both screamed out in unison as they both reached their peak.  Lasandro turned her to him and deeply kissed her lips, savoring every bit of her mouth.

Lasandro picked up his queen and headed for the bedroom, gently stealing kisses as he carried her to the bedroom.   For tonight, the rest would have to wait.  He wasn't done yet.  No he was just getting started.